Advice You Can Put to Immediate Use
"I was the best qualified for the position, and I am collecting unemployment benefits"

Being the most competent and best qualified for a position may not get you a job interview if your resume doesn't present you at your best and the way the organization expects. On the other hand, a well–crafted resume, cover letter, and supporting documents won't do much good if you don't know how to effectively present what you have to offer during the interview process.

Demonstrating that you can deliver what you say, on the phone, in person, or on Zoom will allow you the best chance for success in the shortest time with the least amount of angst.

  • Review of your personal and business
    strategy and presentation
  • Presentation development
  • Presentation Practice (including using Zoom)
  • Effectiveness assessment
  • Resume development, interview practice
    (including using Zoom)
Realistic Advice to Outwit the Toughest Competition
Be confident and have
leverage when you
need it.

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