Since 1978, Dr. Gallatin has continuously delivered Be a Hit®, AlwaysWin®, sales, career, and Lover Shopping®, lectures, workshops, and seminar spectaculars to businesses, organizations, and college classrooms.
Dr. Gallatin has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows coast-to-coast. He has been on Oprah, Live with Regis Philbin, Geraldo, and Donahue. Dr. Gallatin’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Newsweek, and Glamour.
He earned his doctorate in sociology from New York University. Dr. Gallatin is a professor of sociology at Touro College in New York City. He is a pioneer in online education. He currently teaches marketing and sociology online along with his regular course load. Dr. Gallatin was named “Instructor of the Year for 2005.”
In today’s non-stop world it is not easy to keep anyone in there chair paying attention when they have a Smartphone and/or tablet in their hands.
Dr. Gallatin’s was a sales training manager for a 300-person national sales force (manufacturing). He was the sales trainer for a major real estate marketing firm selling luxury condos and co-ops in Manhattan. He was the sales trainer for a Century 21 franchise in New York. Dr. Gallatin has sold real estate and professional services.
Dr. Gallatin was Director of Marketing for a career services firm dealing with mid- and high-level executives. He ran a resume service on Madison Avenue and was the director of a major jobs program in Manhattan for adolescents. He has worked on salary, commission, and draw against commission.
Dr. Gallatin’s success has been dependent on his ability to deliver results in very competitive business environments.


You won’t need a second chance with Dr. Gallatin’s strategies, techniques, and presentation.

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Dr. Gallatin has been providing answers to businesses, professionals, and consultants on the QT since 1978.

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