AlwaysWin: Walk Away a Winner From Any Situation or Circumstance

ISBN 0-9767532-0-0

Dr. Gallatin on Broadway, New York

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I wrote AlwaysWin® to liberate you from the tyranny of rejection. The greatest unspoken concern we have in our personal and business lives is the dread of losing—that is, of being rejected. The fear of rejection is affecting your life whether you know it or not. Until you are permanently free of the fear of being rejected, you are a prisoner of other people’s opinions and are under house arrest, not free to be yourself and living in fear of being publicly humiliated. If you don’t believe you can AlwaysWin, you won’t, and you will blame others and the world for your situation.

I want you to live in a world of dreams that will work out the way you want. When you use Dr. Gallatin’s approach to preventing and beating rejection, you will have a more interesting life that is relatively predictable with few negative surprises. Don’t make your life a B movie. When you apply “Dr. Gallatin’s Ten Secrets of Preventing Rejection in Your Everyday Life,” you will eliminate most of the rejection that you are getting and thought was just part of living. I believe that 90 percent of all rejection can be prevented. Once you start beating back rejection, you will never be the same; you will be born again.

I have divided rejection into two types: personal (controllable) and circumstantial (uncontrollable). Either a personal or a circumstantial rejection can be benign or serious. By focusing on the key types of rejection you or whomever you are trying to help can easily work with the many ideas and techniques presented, even if you are stressed out or on the run. AlwaysWin is designed to be used either for self-improvement or in a crisis.

What you will learn in AlwaysWin you will use seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, including holidays, for the rest of your life. When you have beaten rejection your daily life will be nearly stress free, regardless of your background and what you are going through at any particular time. You will be able to handle any situation or circumstance appropriately. You will find that you aren’t worrying about what other people are worrying about. Worrying isn’t just a normal part of life and a sign of concern; it’s a sign of undue attention, mostly to the wrong things.

By applying the ideas and techniques in AlwaysWin in your everyday life, you will come to see rejection in a different light and realize what is causing you to be too concerned about rejection and legitimate criticism. You will see how false beliefs and wacky ideas hold you back and pin you down so you fumble the ball, rather than picking it up and running with it. Once you understand that most rejection has nothing directly to do with you (although too often it seems to), you will be less concerned with criticism, rejection and approval, and you will win as never before.

When you are finally free of the fear of rejection, you will be amazed how much energy you will have, how much you will get done, and how much you will enjoy whatever you do. Even if you are a little older than you want to be, you still have time to be a winner and go out in glory. If you believe that you are too old, think of Julia Child whose down-to-earth French cooking talents blossomed in her early fifties, and astronaut John Glenn, who went back into space in his seventies—to name just two.

In Chapter 3, “Dr. Gallatin’s 1-2-3 Approach to Beating Everyday Rejection,” I tackle both serious and benign rejections that are encountered day in and day out. In Chapter 8, “ Nothing Is Impossible, Nothing ,” I focus on what others can’t or won’t—situations that appear to even the sympathetic as impossible. I show you that no matter how bleak things are or seem, there is always a way to walk away a winner. In Chapter Nine, “You Win!”, “Dr. Gallatin’s Eight-Step Relapse Recovery Program,” is presented.

Even if you have lost too many times, you can start winning right now. Before you know it, winning and winning big will become a habit. Start today and win today; it’s that simple. Using AlwaysWin will put you in a powerful position to take control of your life and not take any grief from anyone, even when you are or appear to be at a great competitive disadvantage.