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When you know how to beat rejection you will win. You will enjoy what you are doing and life, have more friends and your career will mushroom.
Let others get their hands on your products, services and even you. Talent, brains and good intentions are not enough.
AlwaysWin®: Walk Away a Winner® From any Situation or Circumstance

By Martin V. Gallatin, Ph.D.
ISBN: 0-9767532-0-0, 5½ x 8½
288 pages, hardcover, twenty cartoons, index, 2005, $26

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  • Get right back on your feet when you appear to be KO’d
  • Rejoice knowing “no” will no longer be your answer
  • Beat rejection every time, regardless of why you were turned down
  • Never hide or run away from anyone again
  • Know what the competition doesn’t, and win
  • Win where others lose and drift
  • Start TODAY and get results TODAY
Beat the toughest conditions using Dr. Gallatin’s 1-2-3 Approach in business, in romance,
at home, or on the go.